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Michael Tsai


Michael is the lead instructor at Wing Chun Connect. Ever since becoming captivated by martial arts in his youth, he has always been driven to move more efficiently, fluidly, and artfully. In 2008, he moved to Taipei to dedicate himself to training full time in Wing Chun Kung Fu and Taijiquan with world-class martial artists. 

Michael completed his 8-year tutelage under Master Lo Man Kam, Ip Man’s nephew, learning the complete wooden dummy set (木人樁), six and a half point pole (六點半棍), eight slashing knives (八斬刀), and the 3 empty hand forms of the lineage. During this time, Michael concurrently studied the soft and supple art of Taijiquan with Master Wu Rong Hui, gaining a deeper understanding of the internal arts and the teachings of ancient Chinese wisdom. Through his formal training, seasonal research trips to schools in Hong Kong and the USA, as well as the camaraderie and mentorship of a network of respected colleagues in his kung fu family, Michael has developed his unique philosophy of Chinese martial arts into a way of life which integrates traditional wisdom and persistent innovation. 


Michael is an experienced educator to children and adults alike and continues to dedicate himself to training and cultivating his own skills. He teaches with the vision that although studying martial arts begins with physical cultivation, it is a perfect medium to cultivate the mindset, habits, and heart to be successful at any worthwhile endeavor, leading to a balanced life and well-rounded character. 

Founder & Chief Instructor, Wing Chun Connect

Certified International Tai Qi Quan Coach – World Tai Qi Quan Federation (2019)

Graduate – World Lo Man Kam Federation (2018)

Silver Medalist in Fixed Step Push Hands (World Tai Chi Cup, Taipei, 2018) 

Silver Medalist in Fixed Step Push Hands (World Tai Chi Cup, Taipei, 2016) 

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