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Our school provides a comprehensive and holistic curriculum in Chinese Martial Arts to empower every individual to reach for their potential in mind, body, and spirit. The curriculum is designed to provide the necessary and practical tools to develop your martial skills, benefit the health of your body, create more mindfulness in your daily life, and ultimately support you to develop the insight for self-mastery and discovery. 


Our courses emphasize a strong foundation in the basics to solidify the understanding of the core principles and concepts of Wing Chun, so that we may build upon them for more advanced study and application. We strongly believe that every person has the capacity to become proficient in self-protection and access the timeless wisdom of Chinese martial arts. The only real limiting factor is the level of commitment and active participation one puts towards the process. 

Purposeful Development

Proper training develops and refines both body and mind. As well as working to improve physical skills such as joint mobility and tactile sensitivity, our teaching methods encourage you to concurrently hone your mental skills, such as awareness, focus, and analytical capacity. By following this way, our goal is to support our students to master learning how to learn. Students are further encouraged to integrate what they have learned and put knowledge into practice in order to problem-solve in their daily lives. 


Through focused training in skills and techniques, repetition, adjustments, various activities, partner training, and discussion, students gain the confidence and experience to apply these skills in real-life situations.

Points of Growth

Regular practice in our curriculum results in benefits that percolate into the daily lives of our students. These benefits may include: 

  • Mindfulness 

  • Focus

  • Better alignment, balance, and mobility

  • Understanding of human biomechanics and ergonomics 

  • Less tension, strain, and pain

  • Relaxation

  • Healing

  • Awareness and prevention of conflict

  • Knowledge of how to stay safe

  • Greater tactile sensitivity

  • Confidence

  • Longevity

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Adults Classes

Wing Chun Class


90 Minutes

Wednesdays 20:00-21:30

Build on the fundamentals of Wing Chun in our Adult Class. Learn techniques for alignment, force generation, relaxation, mindfulness, and self-defense. Practice the application of these skills through a combination of individual study, adjustments from our instructors, drills, and partner training. We emphasize a supportive and focused atmosphere for students to challenge themselves safely. 

Adults Classes
Kids Classes

Kids Classes

Children's Kids Youth Wing Chun Kung Fu Classes



Wing Chun builds physical skills AND life skills for kids.

Children have a natural need to challenge and develop their bodies, minds, and spirits. It’s no secret that intellectual progress and mental training are accompanied and even improved by proper development of physical motor skills such as hand-eye coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility. The process of studying any skill or art such as mathematics, playing an instrument,  or learning martial arts requires deliberate discipline, focus, perseverance, and guidance.


At Wing Chun Connect, students learn martial arts skills and games in a safe and supportive environment that encourages each student to be and do their best. Our duty as mentors is to provide our students with the tools to build a foundation of useful skills and strong character that will serve them far into the future.

The Many Benefits of Learning Wing Chun 

Children who consistently attend our classes benefit in ways that include: 


  • Improving their physical health, coordination, strength, and flexibility

  • Learning to recognize and avoid confrontation

  • Having the confidence to defend themselves in an unsafe situation

  • Enhancing their focus and concentration

  • Building self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Understanding the meaning of respect

  • Learning to be goal-oriented and self-motivated

  • Honing the ability to work well in a team

  • Cultivating leadership skills

  • Developing mental fortitude (able to accept setbacks and deal with challenges more easily)

  • Establishing life-long good habits for correct posture, alignment, and ergonomic movement

  • Having fun!

Have a question about one of our Kid's Programs? Contact us for more information or to schedule a visit. 


Try A 30-min.

Trial Class


Kids & Youth Classes

Little Leopards


Ages 5-7

50 Minutes

Saturdays and Sundays 09:00-09:50

Little Leopards learn the basic kung fu movements while getting great exercise, developing coordination, and having tons of fun in a safe environment. Core to the curriculum are the character-building values of respect, focus, care for oneself, and care for others.

Daring Dragons


Ages 7-11

60 Minutes

Saturdays and Sundays 10:00-11:00

Daring Dragons practice the exercises and stretches that will keep their bodies healthy and in shape for years to come. Through learning kung fu, Daring Dragons will grow to become happy, healthy, teenagers with the character, confidence, and self-esteem to take on any task that their future might hold.

Youth Class


Ages 12-16

120 Minutes

Saturdays 11:00-13:00

Teenagers are poised for serious study, exploration, and leadership roles in school, at home, and in their communities. Developing mental stamina, physical coordination, strength, and focus, youths are guided to become more self-aware and to apply principles of excellence in learning to all areas of life.

Kids Class Descriptios
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